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Who needs Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)?

This form may come in use to those people who have lost or broken their plates, selling vehicle, require plate duplicate or are making other vehicle transactions.

What is Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) Used For?

This papes is used to apply for any vehicle transaction, including duplicating plates, transferring vehicle, correcting or duplicating ID, replacing either one or both plates and so on.

Is Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) Accompanied by Other Forms?

There is a wide list of papers that may be attached to this form. You may find it on the bottom right of the form.

How do I fill out Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)?

In the first box the type of transaction is provided. You can choose one of the following types:

  • Title and Plates

  • Title and Transfer

  • Title Only

  • Duplicate Title

  • Stickers Only

  • etc.

You should mention current plate number while filling out the form. Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) should contain information about plate type requested. It also requires expiration date to be provided. You should also mention owner information. This includes :

  • Name

  • Residence Address

  • Owner DL/FEIN#

The next section is for vehicle information. Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) requires

  • Vehicle Identification Number

  • Year

  • Make

  • Model

  • Body Style

  • Color etc..

Insurance information is an essential part of the form as well. Here you should give an information about the following:

  • Insurance Company Name

  • Policy Number

  • Expiration Date

All other fields are filled in depending on the request type. Be careful with the fields you are not supposed to fill in.

Where should I Send Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)?

The form has a bottom part which is a customer's receipt. Application for Vehicle Transaction itself stays in the office. The receipt is given back to the applicant.


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What is form vsd 190 illinois?
Form VSD 190, Application for Vehicle Transaction(s), is a document developed by the Illinois Secretary of State for individuals interested in any kind of vehicle transaction. The list of possible transactions includes (but not limited to): Title; ... Title and Transfer.
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